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Second Hand Textile Processing Machinery
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Product: Views:443Second Hand Textile Processing Machinery 
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FA506 spinning frameSix categories of textile equipment and their main functions; textile equipment is a general term for all kinds of mechanical equipment needed to process natural or chemical fibers into textiles. The processes required to process different fibers such as cotton, silk, silk, and wool into textiles are not the same, and some are completely different, so the machines required are various and varied. As long as there are spinning equipment, weaving equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, finishing equipment, chemical fiber spinning equipment, silk spinning equipment and non-woven fabric equipment. Spinning equipment is divided into two types: processing short fibers and processing long fibers. Cotton and cotton-type chemical fiber are short fibers, and wool, hemp, and eucalyptus and their blended chemical fiber are long fibers.

The processing of the two types of fibers is different, and the equipment is not universal, except that some machines have similar design principles. Even if the same type of equipment, the structure of the machine is similar, but due to the nature of the raw materials and the final requirements of the fabric, generally not the general spinning equipment is mainly divided into short fibers and long fibers, which are widely used. Structure, use and performance vary. According to the order in the process flow, it is divided into open cleaning machine, carding machine, combing machine, winding machine, winder, yarn doubling machine, draw frame, coarse and warping yarn machine, spinning frame, Rotor spinning machine, wool spinning machinery, etc.

The weaving equipment according to the process of the winding process, the warping process, the piercing process, the weaving process, and the finishing process.